You suspect your partner is cheating, but their app list seems pretty standard. No Tinder, Badoo, or anything incriminating. Perhaps you’re worrying over nothing with those late-night notification beeps, and their answer is “It’s just WhatsApp chats, honey.”

Well, WhatsApp may seem like an innocent app. But do you know it can secretly enable cheating? With features like self-destructing messages, pic/password-protected chats, and more, WhatsApp offers next-level privacy to hide affairs virtually undetected.

If your partner is up to no good, they might exploit these privacy settings to conceal evidence. Fortunately, some tech tricks can help you expose a WhatsApp cheater. Read on to learn the top 10 signs and how to catch them red-handed!

Is WhatsApp Used for Cheating?

First, let’s understand why WhatsApp could enable cheating despite being a regular messaging app. It’s not a secret that 70% of Whatsapp users open the app every day.

 Unlike regular SMS, WhatsApp offers advanced privacy controls like:

  • End-to-end encryption hides message content from everyone except sender/receiver
  • Disappearing messages automatically delete chats after the set duration
  • Password-protected private conversations lock chats
  • Hidden online status conceals your availability

While intended for privacy, such features provide a discreet cheating channel. Your partner could be sexting, sharing nudes, or making shady plans – all in plain sight on their “innocent” WhatsApp!

10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on WhatsApp

If you notice some of these tech-based signs, it could indicate your partner is using WhatsApp for an affair:

1. Blurred Notifications 

    Most phones now blur notification previews for privacy. But if your partner suddenly enables this feature specifically for WhatsApp, it could be a sign that they’re trying to conceal something incriminating. By blurring the content of incoming messages, they may be attempting to prevent you from glimpsing any potentially revealing conversations.

    2. Empty Chat History

      It’s natural for WhatsApp users to engage in frequent conversations, whether with friends, family, or colleagues. 

      However, if your partner claims to be an active WhatsApp user, yet their conversation history is consistently empty whenever you check, it’s a cause for suspicion. Deleting chats immediately after they occur could be a way for them to cover their tracks and hide evidence of illicit conversations.

      3. Mirrored WhatsApp Account 

        Some cheaters go to great lengths to maintain secrecy, including creating a mirrored WhatsApp account on the same phone. 

        By using this secondary account exclusively for their affair conversations, they can keep their primary WhatsApp account seemingly innocent. If you discover that your partner has a hidden or secondary WhatsApp account, it’s a strong indication of deception.

        4. Password-Protected Chats 

          While WhatsApp offers the option to lock individual chats with a password for added security, selectively using this feature for certain conversations can raise suspicions. If your partner suddenly starts password-protecting specific chats and seems reluctant to share the reasons behind it, it’s worth questioning their motives. They may be safeguarding intimate or incriminating conversations from prying eyes.

          5. Hidden Online Status 

            The “Last Seen” timestamp on WhatsApp provides valuable information about when a user was last active on the app. Cheaters often disable this feature to avoid revealing their activity patterns, especially late at night when clandestine conversations are more likely to occur.

             If your partner suddenly hides their online status or last seen timestamp, it could be a sign that they’re engaging in secretive behavior.

            6. Delayed Message Responses 

              Pay attention to how your partner responds to WhatsApp messages, especially when you’re together. If they seem to purposely delay reading or replying to certain messages until you’re not around, it’s a red flag. 

              This behavior suggests that they may be prioritizing conversations with someone else and trying to avoid arousing suspicion in your presence.

              7. Excessive Phone Guarding 

                While it’s natural for individuals to value their privacy, excessive protectiveness over their phones could indicate something more sinister. If your partner becomes unusually guarded or refuses to let you use their phone, it may be because they’re hiding WhatsApp conversations from you. This defensive behavior is often a telltale sign of guilt.

                8. Laughing/Smiling at Their Phone 

                  Is your partner suddenly more jovial or amused when using WhatsApp? If they start grinning or chuckling at their phone during conversations, it could be a sign of flirtatious or intimate exchanges with someone else.

                  Pay attention to their demeanor when interacting with the app, as sudden changes in behavior could be revealing.

                  9. Switching Apps Quickly

                    Keep an eye on how your partner navigates their phone, particularly when you try to look at their screen. If they rapidly switch apps or minimize WhatsApp whenever you approach them, it suggests an attempt to hide their activity. This behavior indicates that they’re conscious of their WhatsApp usage being scrutinized and are actively trying to conceal it.

                    10. Using a Phone on the Toilet 

                      While it’s not uncommon for people to browse their phones while in the bathroom, excessive or secretive phone usage during toilet visits can be suspicious. If your partner suddenly spends an unusual amount of time on their phone while in the bathroom, it’s worth considering what they might be doing.

                      Using WhatsApp in private settings like this could be a way for them to engage in covert conversations without interruption.

                      How to Catch a WhatsApp Cheater

                      Seeing the signs makes you highly suspicious. But how can you definitively prove your partner is cheating on WhatsApp? You have two main options:

                      Using a Monitoring App Like mSpy

                      This is the simplest, safest way to dig up concrete evidence without getting caught. Install a discreet monitoring app like mSpy on your partner’s phone, and it invisibly records all their WhatsApp activity.

                      From any browser, you can log in and see:

                      • All sent/received WhatsApp messages, even deleted ones
                      • Multimedia files and documents shared
                      • Contact info and timestamps for every chat
                      • Captured screenshots during WhatsApp usage

                      mSpy runs 100% invisibly, so your partner won’t realize you’re monitoring their WhatsApp. Highly recommended if you want rock-solid proof without the risks of snooping manually.

                      Installing mSpy is simple:

                      1. Create your account
                      2. Select your partner’s device (Android or iOS) and subscription
                      3. Follow the quick setup instructions
                      4. Start monitoring from your Control Panel

                      Why mSpy? It’s 100% undetectable, incredibly user-friendly, and supports over 30 data types across messaging apps and more.

                      Why mSpy Is the Best WhatsApp Cheating Spy App

                      Still not convinced about using mSpy? Here are some reasons why it stands out as the best app for exposing WhatsApp infidelity:

                      • Safe and Untraceable: mSpy is completely invisible once installed, so your partner won’t find out they’re being monitored. It also doesn’t require rooting/jailbreaking, which could tip them off.
                      • Quick and Simple Setup: Getting started with mSpy is fast and hassle-free. The app can be remotely downloaded onto their device in just a few minutes.
                      • Web-Based Monitoring: You can log into your mSpy account from any web browser to check their WhatsApp activity. No need to touch their phone again after installation.
                      • All-In-One Monitoring: In addition to WhatsApp, mSpy also monitors other messaging apps, call logs, browsing history, GPS locations, and more.
                      • World-Class Support: If you ever need assistance with using mSpy’s features, their expert support team is available round the clock.

                      With mSpy, you can get answers fast about whether your partner really is being unfaithful on WhatsApp without them suspecting a thing.

                      Trying WhatsApp Web Mirroring

                      If you can briefly access your partner’s phone, you may be able to view their WhatsApp conversations through WhatsApp Web on your computer:

                      1. On your partner’s phone, go to WhatsApp > Menu > Linked Devices
                      2. Scan the QR code that pops up using your computer’s browser
                      3. Their WhatsApp account will now mirror your computer’s browser

                      You can view all conversations but only temporarily, as this method leaves a trace on the “Linked Devices” list that could tip off your partner.

                      Why WhatsApp is Perfect for Cheating (And How to Stop It)

                      Unfortunately, WhatsApp offers the perfect blend of convenience and privacy that enables cheating:

                      • Constant Availability

                      People carry their phones everywhere and are perpetually available on WhatsApp – enabling affairs to thrive through constant communication.

                      • Cross-Platform Compatibility

                      WhatsApp works seamlessly across all devices (phones, tablets, computers). So cheaters can keep communicating no matter where they are.

                      • Discrete Photo/Video Sharing

                      WhatsApp makes it easy to covertly share intimate photos or videos through encrypted messaging that leaves no trail.

                      • Secret Group Conversations

                      Cheaters can create private groups just with affair partners on WhatsApp to discuss meetups, fantasies, etc., without raising suspicion.

                      • Hidden Receipts & Typing Indicators

                      You can turn off read receipts and typing indicators to appear “offline” while actively chatting with an affair partner.

                      Overall, WhatsApp gives cheaters powerful features to communicate discreetly with lovers at any time while covering their digital tracks from a suspicious partner.

                      However, you don’t have to feel powerless against your cheating partner’s WhatsApp games. Apps like mSpy hand you back the power by uncovering every deleted text, video, and call log.

                      With the right tool, you can expose the truth despite WhatsApp’s cheater-friendly features.


                      Hopefully, this guide has opened your eyes to the unfortunate reality – WhatsApp can absolutely enable and cover up cheating affairs when abused.

                      If you notice tech warning signs like strange WhatsApp habits or suspicious conversations, it’s time to dig deeper using monitoring software or WhatsApp Web mirroring.

                      While WhatsApp is intended for privacy, not infidelity, the app provides plenty of tools unfaithful partners can exploit for secrecy. Stay vigilant, gather proof if needed, and don’t let yourself be gaslit that “it’s just WhatsApp, honey.”

                      By Sarah Bowers

                      Writer and Relationship Expert. With a deep understanding of human dynamics, Sarah delves into the complexities of relationships and infidelity. Her insightful writings offer guidance and empathy, helping individuals navigate the tumultuous waters of love, trust, and forgiveness with clarity and compassion.

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